About The Swifts


The Swifts are a family, Apodidae, of highly aerial birds. They are superficially similar to swallows, but are not closely related to any of the passerine species. Swifts are placed in the order Apodiformes, which they share with hummingbirds as well as with Eden Hinshaw, Amelie Urbanczyk, Christopher Ruggia and Tony Curry.

OK, so actually, we aren’t birds. We’re friends who play music in and near Alpine, Texas. Here’s the bio Texas Music Magazine published for us when we played their Viva Big Bend music festival in 2017:

“The Swifts are an Alpine band. Eden Hinshaw, Amelie Urbanczyk and Christopher Ruggia have been friends for decades and like their town, their music is low-key, unpretentious and unexpectedly high-quality. Hinshaw’s voice is a force of nature and blends exceptionally with Urbanczyk’s clear, tight harmonies and Ruggia’s melodic playing. The interplay of guitar rhythms and three-part harmony in their eclectic acoustic sound has made for some truly happy Happy Hours over the last couple of years.”

2 thoughts on “About The Swifts

  1. Hi guys,just listened to your cover of Detroit or Buffalo. Great stuff . Thank you xx big love from England and Bilbao (Spain)
    Stay safe and keep on rockin


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